Jewellery Photography

Every online retailer is enjoying the success of internet shopping. It's predicted to continue to rise for the next 3-4 years, and there is always room for improvement. Almost half of the shoppers said that the lack of ability to touch the products stop them from fully enjoying the experience. Also, approx 42% were worried that the item may look completely different once they receive it. This clearly highlights the importance of studio-quality jewellery photography – photos that do not hide a great product behind poor photos. Professional looking jewellery photography is the key to attract your potential shoppers and a smart strategy to keep ahead of the competition.

Jewellery is extremely reflective and usually small, the gemstones don't seem to look as lovely in images as they do in real life. For example, opals can turn out looking like moonstone. Hopefully, we can encourage you to succeed and join thousands of jewellers and retailers in this e-commerce jungle where visually pleasing product images is a must. Your jewellery product images is the key to turn your website visitors into buyers. A product image must convince your prospect within 2 to 3 seconds; otherwise, you lose them for good. Apparently, nearly 70% of online buyers preferred photos over descriptions, while 90% thought that product shots can influence their purchasing decisions. These stats show the importance of top-quality jewellery photography.
It gives a clear message that e-commerce jewellery photography is not optional, considering that it plays such a significant role in your online business.

​Promoting businesses to their full potential. That’s our mission! For your brand to make it work, you have to attract the right type of customers… and as many as possible. That’s where we step in.

We produce images that reflect your product or your brand.